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From a movie, preferably. Take his Eye to Ear project, three albums then developed into an Ensemble: Frith has created an 8-man original movie soundtrack band in order to explore the interplay between sound and vision.

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Sigurdsson pen. Richarlison EVE , James CHE , Silva CHE. Soler pen. Vallejo Soler — Villalibre Berchiche , Water Radiolysis: Influence of Oxide Surfaces on H 2 Production under Ionizing Radiation.

Water Basel, Switzerland , 3 , CODEN: WATEGH ; ISSN: MDPI AG. A review. The radiolysis of water due to ionizing radiation results in the prodn.

A brief history of the development of the understanding of water radiolysis is presented, with a focus on the H2 prodn.

This H2 prodn. Different parameters accounting for this behavior are presented. Polymer-gel formation and reformation on irradiation of tertiary-butyl acrylate.

Radiation Physics and Chemistry , 97 , CODEN: RPCHDM ; ISSN: X. Elsevier B. The purpose of the present research was to provide a radiation-chem.

The radiation-induced polymn. The fractional monomer-to-polymer conversion, CM, detd. After removal of monomer by evacuation, the gel can be reformed by adding a vol.

The dose and dose rate dependence of radiation-induced monomer conversion in the reformed gel show no evidence of a discontinuity caused by the intervening evacuation and reformation procedures.

Polymerization induced by ionizing radiation at low temperatures. Evidence for the simultaneous existence of ionic and free-radical mechanisms in the polymerization of styrene and 2,4-dimethylstyrene.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 34 , CODEN: JPCCCK ; ISSN: American Chemical Society. Dihydrogen H2 prodn. Four types of zeolites were comparatively examd.

High yields of H2 were obsd. The difference in the H2 yields was considerable at wt. The exptl. The H2 yields were compared with chem. On the other hand, under aerated conditions, the H2 yields from the zeolites were lower than under anoxic conditions probably due to the H2O2 that was produced by water radiolysis.

Moreover, the difference between the zeolites in H2 yields was suppressed at water fractions above 50 wt. The comparable H2 yields suggested yet another reaction pathway for H2 prodn.

Green oxidation with aqueous hydrogen peroxide. Chemical Communications Cambridge, United Kingdom , 16 , CODEN: CHCOFS ; ISSN: Royal Society of Chemistry.

H2O2 is an ideal oxidant, when coupled with a tungstate complex and a quaternary ammonium hydrogensulfate as an acidic phase-transfer catalyst.

It oxidizes alcs. Peroxygenases en route to becoming dream catalysts. What are the opportunities and challenges? Current Opinion in Chemical Biology , 37 , CODEN: COCBF4 ; ISSN: Peroxygenases are promising catalysts for preparative oxyfunctionalization chem.

Though many interesting applications have been reported, today 'we have only scratched the surface' and significant efforts are necessary to solve issues related to selectivity of the wild type enzymes and low product titers.

For this, further elucidation of the vast natural diversity as well as protein and reaction engineering approaches are discussed.

Oxidations catalyzed by fungal peroxygenases. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology , 19 , CODEN: COCBF4 ; ISSN: The enzymic oxyfunctionalization of org.

Unspecific peroxygenases EC 1. They are glycosylated heme-thiolate enzymes that form a sep. Among the catalyzed reactions are hydroxylations, epoxidns.

The substrate spectrum of fungal peroxygenases and the product patterns show similarities both to cytochrome P monooxygenases and classic heme peroxidases.

Given that selective oxyfunctionalizations are among the most difficult to realize chem. Recent developments in the use of peroxygenases — Exploring their high potential in selective oxyfunctionalisations.

Hobisch Markus; Holtmann Dirk; Gomez de Santos Patricia; Alcalde Miguel; Hollmann Frank; Kara Selin. Biotechnology advances , , ISSN:.

Peroxygenases are an emerging new class of enzymes allowing selective oxyfunctionalisation reactions in a cofactor-independent way different from well-known P monooxygenases.

Herein, we focused on recent developments from organic synthesis, molecular biotechnology and reaction engineering viewpoints that are devoted to bring these enzymes in industrial applications.

This covers natural diversity from different sources, protein engineering strategies for expression, substrate scope, activity and selectivity, stabilisation of enzymes via immobilisation, and the use of peroxygenases in low water media.

We believe that peroxygenases have much to offer for selective oxyfunctionalisations and we have much to study to explore the full potential of these versatile biocatalysts in organic synthesis.

Cytochrome P Monooxygenases in Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology. Trends Biotechnol. Trends in Biotechnology , 37 8 , CODEN: TRBIDM ; ISSN: Elsevier Ltd.

Cytochromes P P or CYP are heme-contg. This ability, combined with a tremendous no. Sixty years after their discovery, P systems are recognized as essential bio-bricks in synthetic biol.

Recent impressive results in protein engineering led to Ps with tailored properties that are even able to catalyze abiotic reactions.

The introduction of Ps in artificial multi-enzymic cascades reactions and chemo-enzymic processes offers exciting future perspectives to access novel compds.

Laboratory evolution of a soluble, self-sufficient, highly active alkane hydroxylase. Nature Biotechnology , 20 11 , CODEN: NABIF9 ; ISSN: Nature Publishing Group.

Here, the authors report the conversion of cytochrome P BM-3 from Bacillus megaterium P BM-3 , a medium-chain CC18 fatty acid monooxygenase, into a highly efficient catalyst for the conversion of alkanes to alcs.

The evolved P BM-3, mutant , was isolated from the 5th generation; sequencing of the gene revealed 13 point mutations.

Variant exhibited higher turnover rates than any reported biocatalyst for the selective oxidn. Unlike naturally occurring alkane hydroxylases, the best known of which are the large complexes of methane monooxygenase MMO and membrane-assocd.

The evolved alkane hydroxylase was found to be even more active on fatty acids than wild-type BM-3, which was already one of the most efficient fatty acid monooxgenases known.

A broad range of substrates, including the gaseous alkane, propane, induced the low-to-high spin shift that activated the enzyme.

This catalyst for alkane hydroxylation at room temp. Laboratory evolution of peroxide-mediated cytochrome P hydroxylation.

Nature London , , CODEN: NATUAS ; ISSN: Macmillan Magazines. Enzyme-based chem. Cytochrome P monooxygenases Ps constitute a large family of enzymes of particular interest in this regard.

Their biol. Such a catalytic transformation might find technol. But relatively low turnover rates particularly towards non-natural substrates , low stability and the need for electron-donating cofactors prohibit the practical use of Ps as isolated enzymes.

Here we report the directed evolution of the P from Pseudomonas putida to create mutants that hydroxylate naphthalene in the absence of cofactors through the 'peroxide shunt' pathway, with more than fold higher activity than the native enzyme.

We are able to screen efficiently for improved mutants by co-expressing them with horseradish peroxidase, which converts the products of the P reaction into fluorescent compds.

This system should allow us to select and develop mono- and di-oxygenases into practically useful biocatalysts for the hydroxylation of a wide range of arom.

Tuning P Enzymes as Oxidation Catalysts. ACS Catal. ACS Catalysis , 2 4 , CODEN: ACCACS ; ISSN: The development of catalytic systems for the controlled oxidn.

Cytochrome P monooxygenases are the catalysts of choice in the biol. The efficiency of these enzymes, compared with chem. Realizing the synthetic potential of these enzymes, however, depends upon the availability of effective strategies to tune the reactivity of natural P s to obtain viable oxidn.

The development of engineered P s for drug metabolite prodn. Key challenges that need to be addressed to capitalize on P oxidn.

Hydrogen peroxide driven biocatalysis. Green Chem. Green Chemistry , 21 12 , CODEN: GRCHFJ ; ISSN: In general, hydrogen peroxide is a stable and relatively mild oxidant and it can be regarded as the ultimate "green" reagent because water and oxygen are the only byproducts.

Besides the direct application of H2O2 in chem. Different types of reactions can be addressed by using a hydrogen-peroxide driven biocatalysis e.

This is one of many autobiographical sketches collected by Theodore Abel in from people who self-identified as members of the Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiter-Partei before January 1, , or who were in sympathy with the movement.

Typically, each autobiography contains information on the writer's occupation, socioeconomic class, education, employment, membership in various associations, place of residence, marital status, military service in World War I, participation in military activities after World War I, first contacts with the National Socialist movement, the main reason for joining the movement, expressions of anti-Semitism, etc.

Abel used these autobiographies to write a book, Why Hitler Came into Power: An Answer Based on the Original Life Stories of Six Hundred of His Followers Digital Collections Works Wilhelm Höfler.

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Fred Höfler 100 Fred Höfler. -

I'm usually not on the internet during Powerball Results History Australia day however when I get a Gewinnsparen Erfahrungen I am usually looking for this type of factual information and stuff similarly related to it. Birthdate: ; World War I service: This is one of many autobiographical sketches collected by Theodore Abel in from people who self-identified as m . Karoline Höfler + Follow Artist. Rivers and Tides (Working with Time) Fred Frith: Double Bass: Charly Haigl Festival Band: Karoline Höfler: Primary Artist: AllMusic. Der Landarzt (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.


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