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PasziГЎnsz "to passion" em português Video

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Pasziánsz Was this review helpful to you? Country: USA. She tells Endora to look in the bowl and Endora says she sees a man sitting Rumänien Frankreich Tipp a desk with the initials "J. The series also features supernatural elements, Trabzon Beşiktaş focus mainly on town witch Tabitha Lenox Juliet Mills and her doll-come-to life, Spielautomaten Betrug Josh Ryan Evans. The most prominent rape storyline began in Decemberwhen Crane heiress and police cadet Bet At Home Casino Crane was raped during a sting operation designed to catch a peeping tom. Season 4 premiered on July 14, New episodes Geyser Deutsch the series were broadcast until August 7, Pasziánsz, with DirecTV airing three new episodes per week starting January Crazy Credits. User Ratings. Charity Standish 1 Zombie Charity. Download as PDF Printable version. English This Vegas Palms an issue that raises passions and strong views and we have heard them expressed around the Chamber this morning. Retrieved June 22,

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English My life is guided by two great passions , and the first is automobiles. English I appreciate the passions stirred up by the issue of the Balkans, specifically Yugoslavia.

English The report has, however, also stirred up some political passions. English I have understood, more fully than most in this House, the passions that have fed into our debate.

English Passions in one way or another will give rise yet to a colourful debate. English Kids, when we grow up, have dreams, and we have passions , and we have visions, and somehow we get those things crushed.

English Europe cannot be kept separate from real life, separate from feelings, separate from human passions.

In , Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald was sexually assaulted and nearly raped during a club raid. The show then carried a plotline over whether they should do a rape test while Paloma was in a coma at the time she was a virgin and Jessica Bennett was also raped a few weeks later while at a club.

Also early in the year, Alistair Crane repeatedly raped his wife, Katherine Crane , while at the Crane Compound.

Late in May, heiress Fancy Crane was nearly raped by a man in Las Vegas who demanded "payment" for letting her into a party after she lost her invitation.

During the tsunami and later in November, Liz Sanbourne attempted to rape Julian Crane at knife point.

In August, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald was raped by Alistair Crane when she refused to pay him with sex for helping her with visitation of her infant daughter, Jane; Theresa later married Alistair, and he continued to rape her throughout their marriage.

Also in August or September, Kay Bennett was attacked by a gang of men while walking through the park at night, though Fox Crane soon arrived and the two defeated the group.

Liz Sanbourne also revealed during the tsunami that Julian Crane had raped her in Boston many years previously she later revealed that it had been Alistair who had done the deed, thus producing a son, Chad Harris-Crane.

The most prominent rape storyline began in December , when Crane heiress and police cadet Fancy Crane was raped during a sting operation designed to catch a peeping tom.

The brutal attack left Fancy in a brief coma and emotionally traumatized the young woman. Fancy was also the show's first rape victim to visibly experience prolonged effects ; her bubbly demeanor disappeared, and she became extremely nervous and could not stand to be touched for several months.

Fancy was eventually raped for a second time in January , and her boyfriend, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald , was framed for the crimes; the rapist was later revealed to be Vincent Clarkson , Fancy's paternal half-brother through their father.

Rape also played prominently into the — storyline involving Mexican drug cartel leader Juanita Vasquez. Sometime between the births of Pilar's second and third children , the Lopez-Fitzgerald matriarch returned to her native Mexico to visit with her childhood best friend, Juanita Vasquez.

There, she discovered that Juanita's husband, Carlos, was still involved with his family's drug cartel and was planning a hit on a rival family; when Pilar confronted Carlos, he raped her, and she accidentally killed him in self-defense.

Pilar then called the police in an attempt to stop the hit, but the police ended up murdering the entire Vasquez family, including Juanita and Carlos' young children, except for Juanita.

Juanita refused to believe that her husband had raped Pilar and made it her life's mission to murder Pilar's entire family, eventually murdering Pilar's sister and two nephews.

Men on the show were equally as likely to be violated as women. Fox Crane , Julian Crane , and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald have all been victims of sexual assault.

One unfortunate trademark for Passions has been eerie deaths. In , Josh Ryan Evans , who played Tabitha's doll sidekick Timmy , died while on medical leave, just as scenes were airing where Timmy died in the hospital and went to Heaven.

After five years of evil Crane patriarch Alistair being heard but never having his face seen voiced by Alan Oppenheimer , Passions cast the role with longtime daytime veteran David Bailey.

Bailey was a hit with the cast as well as the fans, but on Thanksgiving Day , Bailey drowned in his pool, just as scenes were airing where various characters tried to kill Alistair, who actually suffered clinical death before being magically revived by Tabitha.

Again, the viewers and the producers were stunned, but the show had no choice but to recast the pivotal role with John Reilly. With its humor and occasional tongue-in-cheek tone, Passions has been known to "break the fourth wall ", or somehow call attention to the fact that the show is fictional.

In an early episode, Kay, Simone, and Zombie Charity were seen actually watching Passions , and when the television in the Bennett's kitchen covered what would have been Theresa's execution, the news report actually pre-empted Passions , cutting in during the theme song just after the appearance of the logo.

In a episode Theresa was giving birth while stuck in a cabin with Ethan and Gwen; she had a hallucination in which the three of them did a dance together and sang the show's theme song "Breathe.

In a episode, Fancy Crane used a magazine to hide her face from Noah; the magazine had an image of the then-unrevealed Rachel Barrett with the sentence "Who is she?

In the same episode, Fancy later commented that "soaps are like life; you never know what's going to happen next!

They could not find him, but Valerie tracked down his last place of employment: he was last seen working as a gardener in some suburban town on a street called Wisteria Lane.

At that time, Jesse Metcalfe ex-Miguel was playing a gardener on the prime-time serial Desperate Housewives , which takes place on a street called Wisteria Lane.

In the March 30, episode, while Passions reruns were airing on the Sci-Fi Channel, Simone compared life in Harmony to living in a show on the Sci-Fi Channel.

A similar inside joke occurred when the character Fancy had a dream that she was a cheerleader; in real life, Fancy's portrayer Emily Harper was a "Laker Girl" cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers from to In April , Kay was watching the sixth [ sic ] hour of The Today Show an apparent jab at NBC's decision to extend it at the expense of the Passions timeslot when it was interrupted with a news report that Luis had been arrested.

In one August episode, Tabitha said that a certain soap opera was starting on DirecTV and she would have to tell her friends not to call her between the hours of and pm, blatantly referring to Passions itself.

At the beginning of the show's final week on NBC, as Whitney was preparing to move to New Orleans, Theresa asked if she was sure she wanted to go, and Whitney commented that she had already arranged to have her DirecTV hooked up in Louisiana so she could "keep up on everything happening in Harmony.

What audience? In May while Juanita was looking for clues in a bookstore as to where Pilar was, the bargain shelf was full of copies of Hidden Passions.

In June , Tabitha mentions the fourth hour of Today being a ratings-grabber, poking fun as to how they canceled the soap making way for this fourth hour trying to bring the ratings on NBC up.

In the June 30, , episode, Sheridan mentions Pretty's fake scar with references to her real family the Westmores. Michael Westmore did make up for all four Star Trek spin-off series.

In the July 30, , episode, Tabitha tells Endora about the volcano in Harmony referring to it as how Passions was canceled at the last moment and the actors not knowing.

She tells Endora to look in the bowl and Endora says she sees a man sitting at a desk with the initials "J. Tabitha looks at the audience mentioning Universal forces and Direct Intervention.

This is a nod at both Universal Studios and DirecTV for canceling the series twice in one year. During its NBC run, Passions was known to "promote" other NBC programming within its storylines, and to incorporate commercial products into the plot in a promotional tactic known as product placement.

Shortly after Passions debuted, Campbell tomato soup was featured as an ingredient in Grace Bennett 's tomato soup cake. In a episode, TC watched an NBC ad for Days of Our Lives on his TV, and went on to praise the writers of Days of our Lives for coming up with such good storylines; Days , at that time, was under the helm of James E.

Reilly , head writer of Passions. In the September 4, , episode, Fox was sucked into a black hole ; he then told Tabitha that it was the kind of black hole that one gets sucked into on the Sci Fi Channel , which was the channel on which Passions repeats aired in Tabitha then told him stick with NBC Passions' network.

In an episode later in September , Siren tried to get Miguel into bed by singing her Siren's song. Miguel told her that she should not audition for America's Got Talent , which airs on NBC.

In another episode, Tabitha talked about The Biggest Loser season finale, which was also aired on NBC. A more recent episode featured characters watching a trailer for the Diane Keaton film Because I Said So produced by Universal Studios , which, like NBC, is owned by General Electric.

Both Jessica and Theresa were seen using Clearblue Easy pregnancy test products. In July , Passions began to promote its own move to DirecTV for the following September.

Several characters' homes were seen sporting DirecTV dishes on their roofs, and characters began to make frequent references to switching to DirecTV.

The theme song for Passions is titled "Breathe"; it was performed by Jane French and written by French and John Henry Kreitler.

A long version of this theme was also released but was never used on the show. The opening title sequence used since the show's premiere in features shots of the city of Harmony and its landmarks actually the real-life town of Camden, Maine.

The sequence opens and closes with the show's logo in an italic typeface and in an Arial Black typeface in generic caps posted in front of the cursive form of the title.

The opening theme is sometimes shortened to the last two verses to fit in extra scene time. A replacement for the serial Another World which ended on June 25, after a year run on NBC's daytime schedule, Passions debuted ahead of fellow NBC soap Sunset Beach with a 2.

From January until early May, the show came in last place in the ratings among the ten soaps on the air at the time. During May sweeps, Passions gained in popularity and pulled ahead of ABC's Port Charles.

Passions remained ahead of Port Charles until the latter show's cancellation in October From then on, Passions once again was last in the American daytime ratings, where it would stay for virtually the rest of its run.

It did top Guiding Light on occasion, but never for more than one week at a time. From to , when Passions was at the peak of its popularity, it averaged a weekly 2.

However, the ratings slowly declined each year afterwards; by the season, the show averaged a 1. The final episode on NBC had a household rating of 1.

No ratings information was ever released for the show's run on DirecTV. While Passions was never a big hit in household ratings, the show was a powerhouse in the younger-skewing demographics.

For its entire NBC run it ranked as the 1 soap in Girls and Women The show also ranked 2 in Women and even overtook fellow NBC soap Days of Our Lives for a short period during the season.

In the crucial demographic, Passions usually ranked 7, ahead of CBS soaps As the World Turns , and Guiding Light.

The highest ranking Passions ever achieved in the demographic was 4th place in November and once again in January During its NBC run, Passions ran for 60 minutes every weekday excluding some holidays.

In the final NBC season, episodes were available online at NBC. After the move to DirecTV, the schedule was shortened to four days a week Monday through Thursday plus weekend marathon encores, then later three days a week Monday through Wednesday starting in January until the finale.

Passions aired in Canada for its entire NBC run, first on CTV in and then on Global TV in The series lasted there until its final airdate on NBC in September , at which time it was then succeeded by Guiding Light in the same time slot.

NTV in Newfoundland and Labrador also aired Passions for almost its entire NBC run and was replaced by As the World Turns just before the series ended on NBC.

On July 3, it was reported that new Canadian premium television service Super Channel would air the DirecTV episodes of Passions in Canada when the channel launched in October On August 11, , Super Channel began to air Passions from the premiere episode.

Season 4 premiered on July 14, Passions run on Super Channel ended on July 3, Super Channel chose not to renew their contract due to technical issues.

In Croatia , private televizor Nova TV aired the first two seasons of the show episodes. The show was well received by the public, but badly by the critics.

Passions has been honored with numerous awards and nominations during its run, including Daytime Emmy Awards , Imagen Foundation Awards , and a GLAAD Media Award.

At its debut, reviews for the series were mixed. The Orlando Sentinel gave Passions a "bleak prognosis" regarding the Princess Diana controversy.

Their critic wrote: "A show's dearth of creativity is evident when it shamelessly keeps picking over the bones of the dead.

Passions seems to have a death wish. By , Michael Logan of TV Guide remarked of Passions , "There hasn't been this sort of buzz about a soap since the Luke and Laura days on General Hospital It's unlike anything else out there.



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